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Redford Tow Truck Services 

Redford Tow Truck Services is here to help you get going with your day…

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Accident / Auto Recovery            redford tow truck services

Let Redford Tow Truck Services help you if you are in an accident. It is your choice to request any tow truck company you prefer.  We hope that we can tow your vehicle wherever to fix it.


If you leave your lights on or your battery just stops working, you may not need to tow.  We have equipped our tow trucks with heavy duty jumper cables to assure no damage to your charging system.  We can jump-start your vehicle to get you back on the road faster.

Flat Tire Emergency

An unexpected flat tire can leave you stuck in a moment’s notice.  Our team can remove your flat tire and install your spare tire in order for you to get back on the road.  A quick fix is all you may need to get to a safe service location.

Key Lockouts       redford tow truck services lockout

If experience a lock out of your vehicle, no worries.  We have equipped our Redford Tow Truck to bring the right tools.  We can get the job done without damaging your vehicle. 

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Tow Truck Services in Redford… WE DO IT ALL!